Do you have art to sell?


There may be a time when you wish to sell or change your art. The easiest route is to trade your existing art for another piece at the gallery where your art was purchased. In some cases the gallery will offer you a straight exchange for a new piece, however more often, gallery will expect you to trade up - buying a more expensive piece using your current art in part exchange. It is rare that a gallery will offer cash for your item.

There are many on-line auction sites where art can be sold. These can work, however there are disadvantages with fees being charged whether a sale is achieved or not and the high levels of fraudulent activity on some sites. The more respectable auction houses will offer you a good service, however fees can be high for both buyer and seller. 

SyndicArt can offer a number of solutions for those wanting to sell their artwork:

  • Purchase for SyndicArt collection
  • Inclusion for sale at SyndicArt exhibition
  • Inclusion into webpage gallery

We offer a sales service for both members and non-members of our Privilege Card system.

For further details visit our Privilege Card section of the website.

Or contact us for details:

Joe Davidson 07771 674111

Tom Frank 07540 146299