Wood on Canvas - by Ronnie Wood


Signed by Ronnie Wood. Limited Edition of 2,500 copies.

Every Picture Tells A Story - a book of art by Ronnie Wood

Wood On Canvas is an intimate limited edition book of just 2,500 copies, presenting Ronnie Wood's prolific painting, from his early art-school beginnings to the present day. 

His art collection ranges from portraits of The Rolling Stones and many other famous luminaries and friends such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Keith Moon, to sketches drawn at home, on holiday and on tour. Some of the pictures are great favourites but most are previously unseen. Every piece of artwork has been hand-picked from Ronnie's vast archive of sketch books and files.

'Ronnie's revealing snapshots of rock 'n' roll life.' Mick Jagger

In a text of over 8,000 words, Ronnie provides humorous stories and anecdotes about the people he has painted. Ronnie talks candidly about himself, his tremendous musical career as one of the world's great guitarists and his second passion and talent in life, painting. He recalls the early days with his first band The Birds, followed by his apprenticeship on bass with The Jeff Beck Group, fun and games with The Faces and ultimately with the most popular and successful rock 'n' roll band in the world - The Rolling Stones. Ronnie reveals to us his thoughts and feelings about being a Stone and his relationships with the other members of the band.

'Ronnie Rembrant, as he is known to his subjects, has created a kind of visual diary over the years. Thank God he works fast or I would still be posing for his paint to dry.' Keith Richards

'What can I say, Ronnie is Ronnie... and now you own a bit of him.' Charlie Watts